February 26

Strategic Growth and Recapitalization of an Information Services Company in the Hospitality Sector


Ownership Dynamics and Vision

Owned by its visionary founder/CEO and a diverse group of individual investors for nearly a decade, this Information Services Company, specializing in the hospitality and food service industry, stood at a crossroads. Despite its potential for rapid growth, opinions on the company’s future direction were divided. While the management team and Board of Directors were committed to driving further growth, a faction of shareholders sought an immediate exit, highlighting a disconnect that had developed over years of minimal profits and limited communication.

Balancing Growth Aspirations with Shareholder Desires

The challenge was multifaceted: aligning the differing visions of growth and exit among stakeholders, clarifying a complex growth plan presented by the CEO, and mending strained relationships to unify the company’s path forward. The goal was to orchestrate a strategy that offered an exit for shareholders desiring immediate liquidity while securing the necessary capital for the company’s ambitious growth plans.

The Engagement: A Two-Step Approach to Transformation

Step 1: Evaluating and Refining the Business Plan

Cadre was enlisted to scrutinize the management’s business plan, assessing its potential to attract institutional capital and delineating a value range and feasible terms. This initial analysis led to strategic recommendations aimed at enhancing the company’s appeal to specific segments of institutional investors, alongside crafting a term sheet for shareholders contemplating an exit.

Step 2: Preparing for and Executing Recapitalization

With a focus on due diligence and the refinement of the business plan, Cadre addressed critical items to ensure the company’s readiness for institutional scrutiny. The development of a comprehensive data room and a private placement memorandum laid the groundwork for recapitalization, detailing the dual paths for exiting investors and the need for additional growth capital.

Cadre’s proactive engagement with a curated list of institutional investors led to the presentation of four competitive term sheets, culminating in the selection and negotiation of the most favorable terms for the company’s objectives. This meticulous process was complemented by Cadre’s role in facilitating shareholder decision-making, providing clear options for exit or continued investment.

Results: A Successful Recapitalization and Future Growth

The recapitalization not only allowed for shareholder exits but also injected vital growth capital into the company. This strategic infusion of funds was pivotal in executing a significant acquisition within a year, a critical component of the company’s expansion strategy. Three years post-recapitalization, the company was sold, delivering a robust return to its shareholders.

This case study exemplifies the intricate balance between growth aspirations and shareholder liquidity needs within the information services industry. Through strategic planning, stakeholder alignment, and targeted capital infusion, the Information Services Company serving the hospitality and food service industry successfully navigated its growth trajectory, culminating in a lucrative exit for its investors.


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