Our Client Profile

Cadre Partners is committed to helping clients traverse periods of rapid change, whether you are at an inflection point or a reflection point.

We have navigated many such transitions and can help you achieve your goals by embracing the challenges other businesses face in today's marketplace.

Many Cadre Partners' clients find themselves at different points along their growth curve: some need assistance adopting new management strategies as they come to terms with newfound success, attract more capital, make a recent acquisition, or diversify their offerings.

Others want nothing more than continued progress but don't know where best to go from here.

We are not an automatic yes for every circumstance, but when we do say yes, our interests align with yours so we can win together!

Ideally, your business meets the following criteria:

  • Successful and looking to grow rapidly or transition, not "turn-around."
  • Seeking hands-on, highly skilled, deeply committed assistance from advisors who've been where you are and have the experience to see you through to the next stage.
  • Mid-sized ($25-150M in revenue) and seeking a strategic event such as a significant debt/equity raise or sale of a business.

Key Attributes of Our Clients

Regardless of the motivation, our clients have several of these characteristics:

Already successful and on a healthy growth trajectory.

Has a desire to define strategies and enhance accountability to accommodate revenue growth, while avoiding growing pains that often dilute efforts and decrease profitability.

Seeks to partner with a skilled professional to share their concerns—not a "yes man"—but a principal who will give an honest appraisal and unique blend of analytical assistance and "street-smart" experience to recognize the client's specific objectives. 

Wants to move their management culture to a higher level of accountability.

Plans to increase revenues by modifying or increasing marketing and sales initiatives.

Needs expert assistance to implement strategies that position their company for sale over the short term, or even in the next few years.

Requires creating a performance-oriented compensation system and management succession plan.

Wants seasoned guidance to position the company for financing, both equity and debt.

Is committed to becoming accountable to themselves and their personal goals for the business (often they are time-challenged and consequently have little time for results-oriented planning).

Want a second set of expert eyes to assess a new business opportunity, an acquisition, a joint venture, or a strategic investment.

Who We've Served

Cadre Partners takes pride in showcasing a diverse array of clients who have benefited from our strategic advisory and private equity offerings.

Financial Services

  • Allstate Insurance Co.
  • Boundary LP
  • Goldman and Co.
  • Key Health Care
  • LINC Financial
  • Weathergage

Professional Services

  • Air Marketing
  • American Whole Health
  • Audio Visual Resources
  • Ballard N.C.
  • Comprehensive HC
  • Engineering Research Associates
  • Fairfax Companies
  • Illinois Council On Long Term Care
  • OC Tomo
  • QK, LLC
  • S-B-M, LLC

Manufacturing and Consumer Products

  • Murray Industries
  • Masterpieces
  • Ryan Guitars
  • Universal SC
  • Vante

Real Estate and Construction

  • Grill Development
  • Lakeview Homes
  • NexMetro Communities
  • Pueblo Mechanical and Controls


  • LR Publishing
  • Southern Media Properties
  • WA Publishing

Health Services

  • Active Services
  • CCS
  • CG Associates
  • Future Associates Health Services
  • LCM Hospital
  • Southwest Medi Venture
  • Veterinarian Specialty of Ventura

Information and Technology

  • Allscripts
  • Health Grades
  • Health Help
  • Insurx
  • Interactive Training Systems
  • Magellan Systems
  • Scientific Technologies
  • Telenova
  • Synthesis

Medical Products and Devices

  • Life Cell Corp.
  • Life Quest Medical
  • Omni Flow
  • Rehabilitation Technologies, Inc.
  • Sebra


  • Argus Pharmaceutical
  • C and M Pharmaceuticals
  • HGP, Inc.
  • Houston Biotechnology


  • Lead Guitar
  • Northlight Theater
  • UA Presents

What Our Clients Say

Ernest Cunningham

Founder, Nevoa, Inc.

“The partnership between our company and Cadre Partners is a perfect fit. They bring the expertise required to reach next level growth, while also sharing in common vision for how get there. Together we leverage their deep business knowledge with operational resources that fuel Nevoa's overall strategy.”

Nevoa, Inc. Logo

Julia Stewart

Eli Pick, Executive Director of Ballard Nursing Center

"The Cadre team transformed our family-owned business by upgrading our sales and marketing approach, recruiting a skilled sales force, and introducing effective management tools. Their guidance in clarifying roles within our team and family, coupled with their sustained partnership, underscores their dedication and impact."

Ballard Nursing Center Logo

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