Achieving Shareholder Value

“Cadre guided the strategic positioning of one of our operating divisions. Next, they led the charge to sell the company for over 25 times EBITDA.”

– Roger Vogel, Chairman and CEO Vante, Inc.

Increasing Revenue

“Cadre led almost 500% revenue growth in less than two years. Then, they took a leadership role in successfully selling our company to a Fortune 50 company.”

– Brian Ward, EVP, C and M Pharmacy

Alignment of Interest

“Cadre developed a set of performance metrics for my top executives and related performance bonus program—now we are working together, like owners”
– Steven Barry, General Manager and Owner Pueblo Mechanical and Controls, Inc.

Building a Team

“The Cadre team worked with my family-owned business for over three years. Initially, they were retained to help us improve our sales and marketing program. They helped us hire a new sales force and then put management tools in place to optimize the team’s performance.”

– Eli Pick, Executive Director, Ballard Nursing Center
Our clients are already successful business people. They are talented entrepreneurs who are always striving to do more to achieve new heights, and wise enough to know that continued success requires them to adapt and change to serve their growth objectives.

Our clients are at a reflection point. They know that what got them to where they are today won’t get them to their new goals.

At Cadre Partners, we help our clients break through – whether it’s a business initiative, an investment objective or simply rethinking the way an organization does business – we help with an objective and expert approach. We have sat in your chair before; we think like principals of an organization because we have been principals. And we’re ready to collaborate with you to align goals, achieve clarity, and put the wheels in motion to help you and your business realize the best possible outcome.
“As we begin working together, our clients soon realize that the strategies and resources which they used to get to this point no longer are the sole sources of fuel for growing the company to reach their next set of goals.” Marc Sandroff, Cadre Partners

Case Studies

Expanding into New Markets

This real estate development management Firm contracted Cadre to help them tap an underserved real estate market niche.

Transforming Mounting Losses to Increasing Sales

Cadre helped this pharmacy distributor position themselves for a profitable sale.

Seeking Capital Resources to Achieve Its Vision

This information services company turned to Cadre to create a new business and financing plan.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Cadre played an active role when we successfully sold the real estate
and the business. Results count. Cadre helped us realize our goals.” -Dr. Barbara R. Gores, DVM, Managing Partner and Owner, River Crossing, LLC.