Principal Investments

Cadre Partners stands out as a boutique firm, redefining the private equity landscape with a unique and personalized approach. 

Unlike traditional private equity sources, we invest in select growth-oriented companies, utilizing our own capital resources embedded within the firm.

This direct investment strategy ensures that we are fully committed to and aligned with the success of our clients.

When beneficial, we strategically collaborate with co-investors who bring additional value through strategic resources, enhanced distribution capabilities, or specialized industry expertise, further bolstering our clients' growth trajectories.

Our strength lies in the deep, meaningful relationships we've cultivated across various industries.

These connections enable us to tailor our support to meet each client's unique needs, ensuring a bespoke investment experience that is designed to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our commitment goes beyond financial investment. We are dedicated to providing strategic, operational, and industry-specific support to our clients, making us not just investors but true partners in their success.

Operating Companies

Unlike many other investors, we have a long investment horizon and work with the founders to grow their business over time instead of looking for immediate returns on investments.

Patience is key to success. Our investment strategies are most successful when our capital fuels the company's needs rather than asking clients to modify their goals for us. To maintain the highest quality relationships with our clients, we only invest in a small number of entrepreneurs at any given time and nurture those relationships.

Cadre Partners bases our selection of companies on leveraging our experience and skills and tangible values such as business contacts, capital sources, industry expertise, and alignment of interests to ensure optimal results for all parties.

Financing Expertise

The principals of Cadre Partners have participated in raising well over a billion dollars for entrepreneurial business endeavors.

Having sat on both sides of the table—as a business owner and an investor—we know what it takes to successfully work with investors, including high-net-worth individuals, private equity firms, and institutional investors. 

We always stay focused on our clients’ needs by ensuring we provide them with sound advice that will allow those businesses to grow sustainably.

Real Estate

Cadre Partners has invested in over 200 diverse real estate ventures and also helps others who service the industry, including construction, specialty contractors, maintenance, financial services, and more.

We have a wealth of experience in real estate development, finance, and operations and provide equity capital to companies we work alongside. When more help is necessary for specific projects or tasks, we assemble groups of respected industry specialists to offer their expertise.

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