Private Equity

Private Equity

Advisory Services: Financing Expertise

The principals of Cadre Partners have participated in raising well over a billion dollars for entrepreneurial business endeavors. Having sat on both sides of the table – as a business owner and as an investor, we know what it takes to successfully work with investors of all types, including high-net-worth individuals, private equity firms and institutional investors.

We create financing strategies that target specific investor types and implement programs to achieve results. This often includes helping clients tailor their business plans and investor presentations. In some cases, our clients prefer us to take an active role with prospective financing sources, such as negotiating pricing, investment structures and other key elements of the term sheet. Cadre has been able to reduce closing costs with a proven system of managing the closing process and the various professionals who assist in the closing process. In other situations, our clients ask us to advise them and their team and help them navigate this complex process. Whatever the situation, we always stay focused on our clients’ needs.

Principal Investments

Cadre Partners maintains its own capital sources, resident in the firm. This capital is invested in very specific types of companies and sub-segments of entrepreneurial growth companies. In some cases, when clients require more resources to contribute to their success, such as strategic resources, distribution capabilities, or industry expertise, Cadre may recommend bringing in a co-investor. And with our longstanding strategic relationships with other private equity firms, individual investors, institutional investors, and corporate investors, we can often find the capital needed within our own network of investors.

Principal Investments: Operating Companies

As a boutique firm, we operate differently than traditional private equity sources. We are not driven by completing numerous investments and managing huge amounts of capital. Unlike many private equity investors, we have a long investment horizon. Since we have built companies ourselves, we understand that great companies are not built and sold in a few years. We have learned that patience is key to success. Unlike other investors, our investment strategies are most successful when our capital fuels the needs of the company rather than asking our clients to modify their goals to serve the needs of investors.

Unlike other firms, we select only a small number of companies and entrepreneurs to work with and we nurture those businesses and relationships. We select companies that leverage our experience and skills. By focusing our time and energy on this select clientele, we add tangible value through our business experience and through our network of contacts.

Principal Investments: Real Estate

Cadre has invested in over 200 diverse real estate ventures. In many cases, Cadre served in a leadership capacity and assumed management responsibilities. Our track record speaks for itself. We bring equity capital to these portfolio companies and a wealth of experience in real estate development, finance and operations. When the need arises, we assemble a group of widely respected specialists who provide special expertise. Our capital and our team of professionals is ready to work for you.

“The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious.”
– Theodore Levitt

Cadre has helped its companies raise and close on over $1 Billion of high risk capital for numerous entrepreneurial companies.

“Ken Abrahams is a born leader who knows how to work collaboratively with people holding differing points of view. Ken’s unique abilities allow him to successfully build consensus on goals, objectives, strategies, and the implementation of programs. Ken Abrahams is energetic, highly diligent, and an effective member of any organization.”
– Ronald E. Shoopman, President & CEO, Southern Arizona Leadership Council