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“Our relationship with Cadre Partners extended over five years and addressed a variety of issues common to entrepreneurial businesses from solving financing issues, reducing financing risk, finding solutions to operational challenges, etc. They were always a key confidante, they listened and they were always responsive to our needs. When we first began the process of selling our business, we explored several options including merging with another company, selling the business to a private equity backed company and selling our company to a large public company. Their expertise helped us address issues of value, risk, governance and our role after the sale. Once we identified the right option and the right buyer, they took the lead, negotiated the key business terms and made it happen. We were pleased with the result. We achieved our goals. Cadre’s contribution was invaluable.”
– Dr. James Boulay, Managing Partner and Owner, VSCOT, LLC.

“Cadre took a leadership role in operations and helped us focus. Cadre helped make it all happen; we achieved the desired, ambitious results.”
–Kevin Ryan, President & Owner, Kevin Ryan Guitars

“I have provided legal and business advice to a wide range of business clients over my 25 year career. I referred Cadre to a longstanding client and then worked with them to help solve some serious problems they were facing. Cadre and I quickly became a productive team, turning to each other for counsel so we could best serve the client’s needs. Furthermore, Cadre respected my long-standing relationship with the client, and they frequently turned to me so we could communicate our recommendations to the client together during what was a difficult period for them.”
– Charles E. Giddings, Partner, Snell & Wilmer

“The Cadre team are ‘doers’ and always lends their high energy to make our goals a reality. I first retained them to help me and my team develop an acquisition plan and define a financing plan to fuel our growth. Their understanding of the capital markets and the acquisition process coupled with their experience leading mid-sized firms. They laid out an equity and debt-financing plan tied to specific operational goals so as to minimize the high cost of equity financing. They are now working with my management team putting our plans into action and has in fact taken responsibility for much of their implementation. They are trusted confidants who understand the concerns of a CEO and I frequently turn to them for advice.”
– Roger Vogel, Chairman and CEO, Sebra Medical; former Vice President and Executive Manager, IBM Corporation

“Marc Sandroff led almost 500% revenue growth in less than two years. Then he lead the effort to successfully sell our company.”
– Brian Ward, EVP C and M Pharmacy*

“Over the past 30 years, I have worked with Ken Abrahams. He has demonstrated his talent over a wide range of business situations to drive success by building and guiding the performance of teams of executives, managers and professionals that are specifically honed for the task at hand.”
– Don Diamond, Chairman, Diamond Ventures

“We worked with Marc and Ken for several years on various aspects of our business including the real estate which is a key component of our hospital. They helped us reduce the risk and gain better pricing when we refinanced the real estate. Later, we explored various options to optimize the value of the real estate prior to selling our business. Cadre played an active role when we successfully sold the real estate and the business. Results count. Cadre helped us realize our goals.”
– Dr. Barbara R. Gores, DVM, Managing Partner and Owner, River Crossing, LLC.

“I have known Marc for more than 15 years, as I have invested in Marc’s venture capital firm as well as invested personally in a company where he served as president and chairman. Both of these were profitable and worthwhile experiences for me and the institutional investors I represented. Marc has all the academic credentials you could ask for but he is also very ‘street smart.’ He is a skilled private equity investor as well as a talented and proven entrepreneurial managing executive – a rare blend. I look forward to the next time we work together.”
– Tim Bliamptis, Managing Partner, Weathergauge Capital, Private Equity Firm

“Ken Abrahams is a born leader who knows how to work collaboratively with people holding differing points of view. Ken’s unique abilities allow him to successfully build consensus on goals, objectives, strategies and the implementation of programs. Ken Abrahams is energetic, highly diligent and an effective member of any organization.”
– Ronald E. Shoopman, President & CEO, Southern Arizona Leadership Council

“The Cadre team worked with my family-owned business for over three years. Initially, they were retained to help us improve our sales and marketing program. They helped us hire a new sales force and then put management tools in place to optimize the team’s performance. Later, they skillfully worked with my family and members of the management team to clarify our respective roles in the business and optimize our respective skills. The Cadre team’s long tenure with our business speaks to the productive relationship we have maintained.”
– Eli Pick, Executive Director, Ballard Nursing Center

“I first met Marc as I was launching our company. Marc worked with me to target our business plan toward specific institutional equity investors and private equity firms. He introduced me to several firms and together we raised approximately $15 million in private equity, including funds he managed and provided. Marc served on my board of directors for a number of years and was a valuable resource. I frequently turned to him to consider issues about building my management team as well as strategic marketing and sales issues. When I review the progress our firm made with Marc’s help during our formative stages, he really was a valuable advisor.”
– Kerry Hicks, Chairman and CEO, NASDAQ healthcare company

“Cadre developed a set of performance metrics for my top executives and related performance bonus program—now we are working together, like owners.”
– Steven Barry, General Manager and Owner, Pueblo Mechanical and Controls, Inc.

“For more than 25 years, I have known Marc and have personally invested with him in many of his varied entrepreneurial endeavors. Marc and I have partnered together in numerous situations and I have personally come to trust the integrity and skills he has exhibited. It is my expectation that I will continue to work and partner with Marc in the future.”
– Howard Rossman, Chairman and Founder, Mesirow Advanced Strategies, Hedge Fund Manager

“Cadre guided the strategic positioning of one of our operating divisions. Next, they led the charge to sell the company for over 25 times EBITDA.”
– Roger Vogel, Chairman and CEO Vante, Inc., Former Executive IBM Corp

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