Environmental Services Firm

Environmental Services Firm


A consulting firm that provided an array of environmental services, had access to state-of-the-art applied technology generated within university-based research centers that was ripe for transfer and application on a broad and multi-national basis. The firm had “first mover advantage” and could license much of the technology and apply many of the best practices relative to the technology.

Business Challenge

The firm had primarily conducted business in two isolated domestic markets. The larger business opportunity required transferring the technology and providing continuing services for the application of the technology in the international marketplace.


Cadre assisted management in helping the firm to establish a series of strategic partnerships with off-shore environmental services firms and allied engineering firms governed by licenses and other control documents. The strategic partners were selected based upon their existing relationships with private and public clients that had potential interests in deploying the technology for both economic and political reasons.

An international professional services organization was established in less than 4 months that immediately generated significant long-term contracts and cash flows.


Following four years of strong quarter-over-quarter growth, the firm was acquired by a multi-national engineering firm.