Real Results

Achieving Results: Case Studies

We’ve accomplished results that we’re proud of for a variety of clients. Read on to see how we’ve helped organizations like yours break through.

  • Homebuilder: Building a Business Plan to Support Expansion This home builder turned to Cadre to develop and implement a new business plan to expand its business offerings while preserving its appeal and relationships with its current client base.
  • Equipment Leasing Company: Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture Improves RevenueThis equipment leasing company turned to Cadre to refine credit policies and structure an entrepreneurial and deal-oriented corporate culture within the sales organization that resulted in identifying more highly-qualified prospect opportunities and increased revenue per transaction.
  • Environmental Services Firm: A Case Study on Expanding Market Share and Establishing Profitable Strategic Partnerships This environmental services firm contracted with Cadre Partners to transform their business to become recognized as an international professional services organization with long-term contracts and cash flow that eventually resulted in a profitable acquisition.
  • Software Services Firm: A Case Study on Executing Rapid Growth PlanThis software services firm contracted Cadre to create and execute a high-growth business plan designed to expand their market potential and position their technology products and services as leaders in the law enforcement market.
  • Specialty Construction Contractor: A Case Study on Improving ProfitabilityThis construction contractor turned to Cadre to establish performance measurements, reorganize the financial management function and instill a higher level of accountability and focus on profitability goals among project managers.
  • Creating Metrics, Accountability and Reorganizing to Achieve Better Results: A Case Study on Improving ProfitabilityCadre helped increase profits with a new management program that established performance and accountability metrics amongst key executive management, allowing the owner to restructure and decrease his own management duties.
  • Sub-Acute Care Facility/​Family-Owned Business: A Case Study on Improving Revenues in an Increasingly Competitive FieldThis family-owned, sub-acute care facility turned to Cadre Partners to help them tackle new competition and achieve their goals for improved revenues.
  • Suburban Community Hospital: Improving Services to Expand Patient Base & Revenues This community hospital turned to Cadre to respond to changing demographics within its service area, target new patients, and provide new services that ultimately resulted in significant revenue increases.
  • Positioning a Company to Sell: A Case Study on Navigating Options & Obstacles to Achieve Stellar Results This company turned to Cadre to improve operations and increase profitability by instituting and managing key performance metrics, and then manage the ultimate sale of the company to afford the owners the least amount of risk and maximum opportunity for profit.
  • Financial Services Company: New Business Plan & Improved Internal RelationshipsThis financial services company turned to Cadre to improve operating performance, increase revenues and solve internal conflict issues to create a more streamlined and profitable company.
  • Long-term Care Facility: Overcoming Operational Losses to Restore Profitability This healthcare facility turned to Cadre for management leadership and to create a new business plan with a more effective management team and a sales and marketing program that improved revenues, eliminated debt and provided for a new profit distribution strategy.
  • Real Estate Development Management Firm: A Case Study on Expanding into New MarketsThis real estate development firm contracted Cadre to help them tap a real estate market niche that was not currently being served, create a foundation to pursue desirable geographic markets, and establish a network of large-scale private and institutional financial partners to fund equity and debt.
  • In-Patient Rehabilitation Center: A Case Study on Rebuilding Culture to Improve Operations & Revenues This healthcare facility sought Cadre's help to stop cash losses and create a path to profitability by structuring new and innovative service programs to increase revenues.
  • Boat Manufacturer: A Case Study on Responding to a Changing Market This manufacturing company contracted Cadre for equity financing and for help in reducing expenses, improving operating profits and positioning the company for a sale that provided an attractive return to investors.
  • Musical Instrument Manufacturer: A Case Study on Seeking a High-Growth PlanThis manufacturer contracted Cadre to create a new financial model that focused on paying off debt and reducing financial risk.
  • Information Services Company: Seeking Capital Resources to Achieve Its VisionThis information services company turned to Cadre to create a new business and financing plan to realize its short-term business goals, raise private equity investments and recruit key executives for leadership positions to grow profits and provide healthy returns to investors.
  • Pharmacy Distributor: A Case Study on Transforming Mounting Losses to Increased SalesThis pharmaceutical company turned to Cadre to create a business plan to improve production efficiencies and restructure the sales team to improve sales, eliminate debt and attain a market leadership status that eventually positioned the company for sale.
  • “Cadre developed a set of performance metrics for my top executives and a related performance bonus program. Now we are working together, like owners.”
    – Steven Barry, General Manager and Owner, Pueblo Mechanical and Controls, Inc.

    “I have known Marc for more than 15 years, as I have invested in Marc’s venture capital firm as well as invested personally in a company where he served as president and chairman. Both of these were profitable and worthwhile experiences for me and the institutional investors I represented. Marc has all the academic credentials you could ask for but he is also very ‘street smart.’ He is a skilled private equity investor as well as a talented and proven entrepreneurial managing executive – a rare blend. I look forward to the next time we work together.”
    – Tim Bliamptis, Managing Partner, Weathergauge Capital