How We’re Different

Our Clients Think Big; We Help Them Get There

At Cadre Partners, we are not afraid of BIG. Do you have big challenges? Tell us. Do you have big dreams? Share them. We’re not afraid of tackling the issues that seem unapproachable or pursuing the dreams that live in your head. We make big dreams manageable by breaking them down into daily measurable tasks with associated accountability; big dreams can be achieved one day at a time.

The Right People in the Right Places

Thinking big also requires thinking creatively, and that applies to your team. First, ask yourself if you have the right team and then ask:

  • Does the team envision the company going in the direction where I want to take it?
  • Do your resources match your challenges?
  • Is your capital structure supportive or an obstacle to your goals?

We objectively assess your current structure and corporate culture and suggest changes to achieve your organization’s objectives. That means aligning goals with the realities of your corporate culture and setting up performance metrics to assure that you stay on track.

Look at the world around you. It may seem like an immovable, implacable place. It is not. With the slightest push – in just the right place – it can be tipped.
– Malcolm Gladwell

Information Services Company: Seeking Capital Resources to Achieve Its Vision

This information services company turned to Cadre to create a new business and financing plan to realize its short-term business goals, raise private equity investments and recruit key executives for leadership positions to grow profits and provide healthy returns to investors.
“Marc Sandroff led almost 500% revenue growth in less than two years. Then he led the effort to successfully sell our company.”
– Brian Ward, EVP C and M Pharmacy