How We’re Different

Clarity in Problem Solving

Business ownership can be a lonely road. Fulfilling your goals and achieving your dreams means making hard decisions and making changes. And sometimes it means letting others in to help you see your challenges and obstacles more clearly. Our leadership addresses the things that keep you up at night with an objectivity that helps you discover an approach that is difficult to do on your own.

Entrepreneurs often have no one they can talk to. They can’t share issues with people who work with them. They don’t want to tell investors their day-to-day concerns. Our clients know we are there for them, and that they can turn to us at a moment’s notice.
– Marc Sandroff, Cadre Partners

As your confidantes, we tackle challenges alongside you and help you create a path to productivity and profitability. We listen to you and help you identify your problems with a clarity that gives you the confidence to take the next step toward your business goals.

Musical Instrument Manufacturer: A Case Study on Seeking a High-Growth Plan

This manufacturer contracted Cadre to create a new financial model that focused on paying off debt and reducing financial risk.
“We worked with Marc and Ken for several years on various aspects of our business including the real estate, which is a key component of our hospital. They helped us reduce the risk and gain better pricing when we refinanced the real estate. Later, we explored various options to optimize the value of the real estate prior to selling our business. Cadre played an active role when we successfully sold the real estate and the business. Results count. Cadre helped us realize our goals.”
– Dr. Barbara R. Gores, DVM, Managing Partner and Owner, River Crossing, LLC.