How We’re Different

Principal Approach

At Cadre, our primary experience is as a business principal: a President, Operating Executive, Member of the Board of Directors, shareholder. As principals, we have had “skin in the game” and recognize the unique position of these stakeholders. It is this approach that sets us apart and helps you reach your goals.

We listen to your challenges, help you achieve clarity, and transform obstacles into opportunities to achieve success. We listen as someone who “has been there and done that”. We listen when no one else does. We are willing to tell you our opinion with refreshing candor and that’s the real value of the relationship we have with you. Being candid can be risky, but it is a risk we are willing to take to get you to where you want to go.

We’ve been in their shoes. That’s why we know what it takes to get results.
– Ken Abrahams, Cadre Partners
“Our relationship with Cadre Partners extended over five years and addressed a variety of issues common to entrepreneurial businesses from solving financing issues, reducing financing risk, to finding solutions to operational challenges. Their expertise helped us address issues of value, risk, governance and our role after the sale. We were pleased with the result. We achieved our goals. Cadre’s contribution was invaluable.”
– Dr. James Boulay, Managing Partner and Owner, VSCOT, LLC.