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Results are the Only Goal

Management & Business Advisory

We have helped many organizations, executives and managers reach their goals and we can help you too. Our management and advisory services are focused on helping business owners, chief executives and senior management increase business value, improve business performance, implement business development programs, and position client companies for sale or for equity or debt financings. We invite you to speak to our clients and check our references.

The principals of Cadre have extensive experience in areas such as:
  • Operations Assessments and Profit Enhancement
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • New Product Launch Strategies
  • Business Development, including, Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
  • Capital Planning and Acquisition
  • Performance Metrics and Performance-Based Bonus Plans
  • Succession Planning
  • Executive Personnel Coaching and Recruitment
  • Repositioning of Assets

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Advisory Services: Financing Expertise

The principals of Cadre Partners have participated in raising well over a billion dollars for entrepreneurial business endeavors. Having sat on both sides of the table – as a business owner and as an investor, we know what it takes to successfully work with investors of all types, including high-net-worth individuals, private equity firms and institutional investors.

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.
– Seth Godin

We create financing strategies that target specific investor types and implement programs to achieve the result. This often includes helping clients tailor their business plans and investor presentations. In some cases, our clients prefer us to take an active role with prospective financing sources, such as, negotiating pricing, investment structures and other key elements of the term sheet. Cadre has been able to reduce closing costs with a proven system of managing the closing process and the various professionals who assist in the closing process. In other situations, our clients ask us to advise them and their team and help them navigate this complex process. Whatever the situation, we always stay focused on our clients’ needs.


Principal Investments: Private Equity

Cadre Partners maintains its own capital sources, resident in the firm. This capital is invested in very specific types of companies and sub segment of entrepreneurial growth companies. In some cases, when clients require more resources to contribute to their success, such as strategic resources, distribution capabilities, or industry expertise, for example, Cadre may recommend bringing in a co-investor. And with our long-standing strategic relationships with other private equity firms, individual investors, institutional investors, and corporate investors we can often find the capital needed within our own network of investors.

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Pharmacy Distributor: A Case Study on Transforming Mounting Losses to Increased Sales

This pharmaceutical company turned to Cadre to create a business plan to improve production efficiencies and restructure the sales team to improve sales, eliminate debt and attain a market leadership status that eventually positioned the company for sale.
Cadre Partners has participated in the raising of more than $2 billion of equity and debt.


“They come to us with real business problems and things that keep them up at night. Then we identify weaknesses and help them focus on what matters.”
– Ken Abrahams, Cadre Partners