About Us

Our Core Values

Cadre is committed to:

  • Integrity

    The only people who should guide your business strategy are those who approach it from a deep well of experience — professionals who have sat in your chair. We pride ourselves on helping those we know we can help and matching our expertise with those needs. Consequently, if we know that we aren’t the right fit, we’ll tell you early in the process.

  • Results

    Examine our record. You will see that we get results! We’re happy to provide references and we also encourage our clients to perform their own due diligence.

  • Candor

    We tell you what you need to hear to achieve your goals. Moving forward requires a thorough and honest assessment of where you are and whether your strengths will help you achieve your objectives, or become obstacles to your success.

  • Realism

    We are passionate about setting realistic expectations and implementing business plans that are sensitive to your goals and your teams’ talents.

  • Reputation

    We put ourselves on the line for you. We take on projects knowing that our reputation is at risk.

  • Trust

    We have long-term clients because our relationships are built on trust and getting results. We bring objective thinking.

  • Commitment

    We do what it takes to service our clients. And, we don’t take on clients that compete with existing clients.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
– Winston Churchill
“I have provided legal and business advice to a wide range of business clients over my 25 year career. I referred Cadre to a longstanding client and then worked with them to help solve some serious problems they were facing. Cadre and I quickly became a productive team, turning to each other for counsel so we could best serve the client’s needs. Furthermore, Cadre respected my longstanding relationship with the client, and they frequently turned to me so we could communicate our recommendations to the client together during what was a difficult period for them.”
– Charles E. Giddings, Partner, Snell & Wilmer