About Us

Our Approach

We work closely with clients to understand their vision and then optimize their industry and organizational knowledge. We do this through our experience and by creating a partnership that drives success. It is this collaborative approach to solving business problems, combined with thoughtful candor that makes us an integral part of our clients’ teams.

In fact, our clients often see us as an extension of their teams — a partner who not only sees but shares their vision — and focuses on issues that drive accountability, increased shareholder value and profitability. Combine this passion with the objectivity that our approach provides, and it becomes clear that we can help you make progress.

“A real leader faces the music even when he doesn’t like the tune.” – Arnold H. Glassgow


Results Are The Only Goal

At Cadre, we see the development of a business plan as a part of the process that creates success — it is not the end goal. Our clients work with Cadre to build and implement plans that help them achieve their goals and objectives and in the end, deliver greater value to their customers, employees, executives, shareholders, and to their organizations.


The Cadre Process:

  1. We listen: Listening means we take the time to understand your business and your goals before moving forward.
  2. We assess the landscape: We observe your unique business environment and talk with your key team members, stakeholders and clients.
  3. We help you clarify & align your goals: Goals are necessary, but they are only legitimate when they are measurable, specific, timely, attainable, imply implementation strategies, and create accountability. We help make your goals clear, realistic and granular so they can be attained.
  4. We create a customized implementation plan with you: Once we’ve identified your realistic and measurable goals, we then create options to help you achieve them. And, since you and your team know your business and culture best, we help you assess key players and find tasks for them that they can be successful executing.
  5. We implement alongside you: We create a business plan with performance metrics to help you track your progress along the way and modify it as needed. We work on minimizing management processes, improving clarity and aligning the interests of all team players. To us, business planning is just the beginning; implementing the plan and achieving results are what matter going forward.
  6. We evaluate: We strongly believe that we must also be accountable to your goals. At defined periods of time, we evaluate the organization’s performance as well as our own performance. During implementation, we continue to question and search for new information, modifying the business approach accordingly, and in real time, to ensure nimble responses to today’s dynamic business environment.

Specialty Construction Contractor: A Case Study on Improving Profitability

This construction contractor turned to Cadre to establish performance measurements, reorganize the financial management function and instill a higher level of accountability and focus on profitability goals among project managers.

Financial Services Company: New Business Plan & Improved Internal Relationships

This financial services company turned to Cadre to improve operating performance, increase revenues and solve internal conflict issues to create a more streamlined and profitable company.