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A lot of people say “they can” but how many can say “they have?” We can because we have, successfully…time and again. Cadre’s practical business leaders, Marc Sandroff and Ken Abrahams, are serial entrepreneurs who have sat in your seat, faced the realities of tough business climates, made hard choices and improved performance in their companies and for their clients.

Our common sense approach to business management, our independent perspective, our willingness to tackle sacred cows and sensitive issues, along with our collaborative leadership style, make Cadre an extraordinary partner for organizations committed to achieving results.

“I first met Marc as I was launching our company. Marc worked with me to target our business plan toward specific institutional equity investors and private equity firms. He introduced me to several firms and together we raised approximately $15 million in private equity, including funds he managed and provided. Marc served on my board of directors for a number of years and was a valuable resource. I frequently turned to him to consider issues about building my management team as well as strategic marketing and sales issues. When I review the progress our firm made with Marc’s help during our formative stages, he really was a valuable advisor.”
– Kerry Hicks, Chairman and CEO, NASDAQ healthcare company

More About Marc Sandroff

Marc Sandroff is an entrepreneurial executive with a 30-year track record of guiding organizations and entrepreneurial ventures to successful outcomes. With his effective blend of pragmatic management skills, capital markets expertise and a keen awareness of what drives shareholder value, he has earned the confidence of his clients and the respect of his peers and the industry. Sandroff has led clients through increased revenue and profitability growth, public offerings, acquisitions, sales, and strategic exits. Additionally, he has led departmental growth initiatives. For example, at a company he led, Sandroff managed sales and marketing initiatives for a pharmaceutical services and distribution company, which increased revenues by over 400% over 24 months. Over the course of his career, he has served in executive leadership roles including principal, chief executive, board chairman, board director, board member and management advisor. Along the way, he has worked with over 70 operating companies, participated in more than 120 real estate ventures, raised over $1.5B in high risk capital and has consistently demonstrated his ability to fuel a company’s growth and optimal performance.

Some of the companies Sandroff has served were on the path to significant revenue growth, some had excellent initial performance but had plateaued, while others were underperforming, distressed or shifting business models. Though at different stages with different objectives, each of these organizations possessed the same desire to “break through” and move to the next level. To do so, they sought Sandroff’s experienced counsel. As a practical business leader, he worked closely with each client’s team to fully understand their unique challenges, develop common sense strategies and then partnered with the team responsible for implementation of the initiatives. In addition to contributing to the evolution and success of these enterprises, Sandroff has also assisted a number of family-owned businesses that faced operating challenges as well as succession and multi-generational planning issues.

On top of his extensive history of growing businesses and improving client performance, Sandroff has a wealth of experience investing in and serving as a Board Member of many successful enterprises. As a private equity investor, he was a member of Allstate Insurance: Venture Capital Division. At the time, Allstate was among the few largest private equity investors in the world. Later, Sandroff co-founded a private equity firm which grew from $7 million in capital to over $500 million.

As an entrepreneur, board member/investor and advisor, Sandroff has participated in more than 50 companies that have successfully raised equity and debt capital from a variety of sources. He has assisted executive management in building leadership teams and related performance-based compensation programs and he has also participated in the sale or Initial Public Stock offering of more than 40 Companies in numerous industries.

Mr. Sandroff received his A.B. Magna Cum Laude from Washington University in St. Louis and earned an A.M. in Strategic Management and Policy Analysis from the University of Chicago. He has also undertaken doctoral studies from the University of Chicago, lectured extensively, and authored articles.

“Over the past 30 years, I have worked with Ken Abrahams. He has demonstrated his talent over a wide range of business situations to drive success by building and guiding the performance of teams of executives, managers and professionals that are specifically honed for the task at hand.”
– Don Diamond, Chairman, Diamond Ventures

More About Ken Abrahams

Ken Abrahams has been an owner, principal, investor, and founder of multiple successful business enterprises over the past 35 years. At his core, Abrahams is a “builder” who recognizes the importance of strategic thinking tempered by practical realities and who forges market-based solutions that can adapt to and thrive in changing conditions.

Abrahams was a founding partner of Diamond Ventures, Inc., one of Arizona’s largest real estate and private equity investment firms with over $1.3 billion in assets. At Diamond Ventures, he directed real estate portfolio activities for the firm including land acquisition, planning, entitlement and development of a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial real estate assets in diverse geographic markets. He also worked with emerging companies in the firms’ investment portfolio.

Abrahams is a strong leader skilled in the assembly and management of highly qualified teams of professionals capable of efficiently executing business strategy and plans, and achieving goals on a timely basis. He has guided the execution of diverse and complex business plans, programs and projects for more than 70 entrepreneurial ventures. Each asset ranged from $5 million to over $100 million. Over half of the entrepreneurial ventures involved joint ventures or partners. The annual rate of return on investment across the ventures was in excess of 20% with multiples of invested capital ranging from 4-8 times. The combined exit value of the ventures was in excess of $1 billion.

He has also directly participated in over 25 private equity investments. Abrahams has helped these firms build and manage their executive teams, and drive revenue growth and new products. He has also participated in selling these firms, often to strategic buyers. Several of the firms went on to be sold to Fortune 500 companies. Further, Abrahams has served on numerous boards of directors and executive boards to provide guidance and help companies and organizations manage challenging tasks and achieve their business goals and objectives.

While in graduate school, Abrahams formed his first operating business that provided cutting-edge technology in natural resource management and development practices. This innovation introduced a number of state-of-the-art methods that optimized economic development and achieved environmental stewardship and compliance in arid regions around the globe. Abrahams successfully sold this entity to a large professional service firm.

Mr. Abrahams received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona and his M.S. in Renewable Natural Resources from the University of Arizona. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Southern Arizona Leadership Council. Abrahams also is the Southern Arizona Chair for the Urban Land Institute and a member of the Board for the Arizona District Council and previously sat on the Board for Banner Healthcare.

More About Brad Edwards

Brad Edwards is a seasoned entrepreneurial leader who has played key roles in the launch, growth, development and successful exit of over twenty-five companies during his career of over 30 years. His early career was imprinted by his work for a large conglomerate in the aerospace and defense industries doing long range, strategic planning for the manufacturing of highly sophisticated defense components. He then led a newly formed corporate venture function for a large regional healthcare system where he successfully launched and managed over half a dozen new technology businesses related to healthcare delivery and management. It was here that he developed his passion for helping companies achieve the next level of success.

Subsequently, he joined a state supported business development fund in the mid-west, became its CEO and successfully transitioned it from a government subsidized state economic development organization into the first true private venture capital firm in the region. As a founding member and general partner of Heartland Capital Fund, an early stage, technology focused venture firm, he invested in and successfully managed growth strategies, executive recruitment, financial transactions and investor exits for a portfolio of eleven companies. He served on numerous boards (private and public) and often served as interim CEO during key transitions or crisis. His experience includes leading a struggling startup to a very successful IPO and successfully merging many smaller companies with large public companies. He was also successful throughout his career in securing significant capital through strategic distribution or licensing relationships in lieu of tapping equity markets.

His experience has taught him that a deep understanding of stakeholders’ financial and non-financial goals is essential to creating and executing a successful strategic outcome for clients. His leadership style emphasizes a collaborative approach to problems or challenges and his deep experience enables him to give realistic, practical guidance to executive teams across industry sectors. Upon founding his own firm in 2010 he focused on assisting a select group of business owners to successfully position, grow and sell their companies resulting in over $200 million in proceeds generated for shareholders.His clients cover a broad mix of industries including health care related services and information technology, software development, engineering, design and manufacturing firms with strong intellectual property, rugged mobile computing, distribution, and business services companies. His combination of strategic planning, operations, governance, investing and transaction experience allow him to see a client’s environment from all angles and provide that perspective to its decision makers.

His BS in Industrial/Organization Psychology was earned at the U.S. Air Force Academy and Colorado State University. He has guest lectured undergraduate and graduate classes at the University of Nebraska and Creighton University along with speaking engagements to various business and professional associations on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and private equity transactions to emerging trends in strategic information technology planning.