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Cadre Professional Network Resources

Cadre values its relationships with a wide network of experts in various specialty areas. From information management, to marketing and product development, to manufacturing, Cadre maintains close ties with a variety of trusted and respected specialists with whom we’ve worked closely over the years. It’s relationships like these that add subject area depth when needed and complement our broad business experience. Often, our clients also have excellent relationships and Cadre works constructively with their contacts. If new expertise is called for, Cadre has many trusted professional to whom it can turn.

Our experiences teach us that no one knows everything. We focus on specifically identifying the challenge and then finding the expert to address it.
– Ken Abrahams, Cadre Partners
“For more than 25 years, I have known Marc and have personally invested with him in many of his varied entrepreneurial endeavors. Marc and I have partnered together in numerous situations and I have personally come to trust the integrity and skills he has exhibited. It is my expectation that I will continue to work and partner with Marc in the future.”
– Howard Rossman, Chairman and Founder, Mesirow Advanced Strategies, Hedge Fund Manager